Synchronicity in the wedding

Trivia/synchronicity about Kim and her wedding:

  • When Kimberly Joe Huffman-Scott was born her mother, Barb, was the same age as Barb’s mom was when Barb was born (31 years-old)
  • When Kim was born her father, me, was the same as my mom was when I was born (30 years-old)
  • Kim was 172 days younger than her mother when she married and only 40 days older than her father
  • After the ceremony as Kim and I danced the boat sailed past the motel where Barb and I had our honeymoon and we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary

Kim and I practicing our dance earlier in the day
(Photo by Xenia Joy)

Xenia and I earlier on the day of the wedding
(Photo by Xenia Joy)

Kim’s garter
(Photo by Xenia Joy)

The bride and her parents
(Photo by Xenia Joy)

Kim and Xenia prior to the ceremony

Barb and I dance in the foreground, Kim and Caleb in the center background
(photo by Xenia Joy)

Kim and I dancing for real
(photo by Xenia Joy)

More of Kim and I dancing for real (can you tell what, if anything, I’m “packing”, how, and where?)
(photo by Xenia Joy)

Dillon Precision Range Bag containing a video camera and accessories, a SureFire 6P flashlight, and a 22-round magazine loaded with 180 grain SXT Winchester Ranger .40 S&W

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