Photo ID not needed to fly

Airport “security” is all “security theater”. It is all for show and doesn’t really make us any safer. But it does make some people feel better. They really should investigate some alternatives but the sheeple would whimper and cry for mommy to protect them or something. And so as part of this show they made a big deal of requiring government issued photo ID before you could fly on a commerical flight. As if that made a difference somehow. Well… they’ve quietly backed off on that requirement:

Turns out there is no requirement that you produce a photo ID when you travel on a commercial airplane.

Originally, the TSA’s Web site stated, “You must present a Boarding Pass and a Photo ID to get to the checkpoint and to your gate.”

The latest TSA Web site language, however, states: “We encourage each adult traveler to keep his/her airline boarding pass and government-issued photo ID available until exiting the security checkpoint [children are not required to show identification]. The absence of proper identification will result in additional screening.”

The TSA spokeswoman confirms: “If a passenger doesn’t have one, like yourself, because it was lost, which does happen, then we do subject them to additional screening.”