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It’s happening in the U.K. and it will be happening here before long:

‘Firebomb’ car rams terminal at 30mph

The first afternoon of the Scottish school holidays meant the terminal at Glasgow airport was packed with families queuing at check-in desks.

Outside the building’s glass doors travellers waiting to be collected saw an erratically driven dark green Jeep Cherokee approach at speed. The Asian driver began to rev the engine furiously before wrenching the wheel and smashing the tough four by four vehicle directly into the terminal building.

Security bollards blocked the path of the vehicle as the driver tried to ram the main doors. The air became heavy with the stench of petrol. Driver and passenger, described as burly Asian men, leapt from the vehicle and it burst into flames.

Airport staff described the men as screaming “Allah” as the driver doused the burning vehicle with more fuel soaking himself in the process. His passenger began to smash bottles of petrol and his own clothes now ablaze the driver fell to the floor as police, passengers and airport staff reacted.

I had a discussion with someone recently who agreed “we have a problem” with Muslim extremists but disagreed on the solution. He insisted we just need to “contain” them. He also worried about Christian extremists too. Really? How should have the people in the U.K. “contained” the extremist Muslims bombers? And could someone give me a list of the video taped civilian beheadings and suicide bombings committed by “Christian extremists” in the last year? I have a number of issues worthy of discussion with “Christian extremists” but killing large numbers of innocent people isn’t one of them.

We need to destroy their culture. Porn for peace!