Pistols of Boomershoot

One of the most frequent questions I get about Boomershoot is, paraphrased, “Do I have enough gun for the job?” In almost all cases the answer is yes. If you have a centerfire rifle, shooting a rifle cartridge (.357 or .44 magnum rifles don’t have a chance), with a scope then there are very few modern rifles that don’t have a reasonable chance of claiming a few boomers. In fact there are some pistols that have been successfully used on the closer targets. Here is a picture of three pistols successfully used at Boomershoot 2007.

And while I’m on the topic of Boomershoot–this weekend I should have some news to release about Boomershoot 2008. I shared it with a couple people yesterday and they expressed “great joy”. There are only 14 long range positions left for the April of 2008 event. Sign up soon if you want to participate.