Schroedinger’s cat–the rest of the story

Tamara K. posted:

Heisenberg used to house sit for Schroedinger, and would get annoyed when his buddy would call home from out of town and ask “Where is my cat? And how fast is it going?”

I thought this was quite funny. My son James responded with “*groan*” but my friend Sean wanted to know what the punch line was.

You must not assume Sean didn’t “get it”. That thought crossed my mind for only a few milliseconds before I dismissed it. So I told him that was it and explained that I thought it was funny just the way it is even if it is a bit obsure. Two minutes later he delivered his punch line for the story:

So Heisenberg put the cat the box with a gadget that released poison gas based on radioactive decay. Schroedinger called again, asking, “Where is my cat? And how fast is it going?”

Heisenberg replied, “Let me check. Oh! It’s dead. You killed it.” And hung up.