Boomershoot 2008 is now open for entry

The next Boomershoot will be April 27, 2008. This is the earliest I have ever opened it up for entry. I opened it up a few days ago for people that had participated in Boomershoot 2007. Despite having increased the number of positions available the event is already nearly 60% full.

If you want to participate I suggest you sign up within the next week or maybe two at the latest.

The Boomershoot 2008 on-line entry form is here.

Update: The event is now (June 2nd 23:45) 61% full. Also, I just got word that “The Anvil Guy” will be back. He also had a request for comments on the anvil launches:

My name is Steve and I have had the enjoyment of firing my anvils at Boomershoot for 4 years.This year my brother Michael did the firing as I couldn’t make it…I enjoy doing it and am always trying for more altitude. I would appreciate any and all comments, serious or smart ass from those who have witnessed the firing…

If you have a comment either send it directly to him, if you have his email address, or send it to and I’ll forward it on.