Boomershoot 2008 status

I updated the Boomershoot 2008 web page today. I also added a page outlining some of the preparations already accomplished.

I have increased the number of shooting positions to 76 total.

The new online entry website is currently under test. If you would like to help test it let me know and I’ll send you the URL.

The date for Boomershoot 2008 has been set–April 27th. We will be accepting entries soon–probably by the end of the week. I already gave away two positions to King County Friends of the NRA. Staff and Boomershoot 2007 entrants will have first chance when it opens up. When I give the general announcement expect it to fill up within a month with the best positions filled within a couple weeks. If you think you might want to attend sign up soon then get a refund if you can’t make it.