Quote of the day–Gun Guys

But this is the reality of the idea that firearms in “good” hands can somehow protect us from firearms in “bad” hands. They can’t, and even if they help in one lucky situation, the balance of all the pain and suffering they make possible in every other just is not worth it.

Guy Guys
May 23, 2007
Referring to the fact that Peter Husmann was wounded while attempting to stop the shooting in Moscow last weekend.
Idaho Gunman Had Mental Illness History, CCW Owner Shot at Scene
[Apparently, according to this nut case, even police shouldn’t have guns. He is facing the problem that if you believe guns in the hands of the police can be used for good then you will have to admit that guns in the hands of private citizens must, at least sometimes, be a good thing also. He solves this dilemma by claiming guns are so seldom used for good that they shouldn’t even be in the hands of the police.–Joe]