What they are up to

The PNNL/Battelle lawyers must be desperate, have dirty minds, or else are just fishing around for the pleasure of more billing hours. Since Battelle isn’t paying the bill (U.S. taxpayers probably are) what do Battelle executives care?

Interrogatory 4: Do you operate a website that is a bedroom cam website or similar type website? If the answer is affirmative, please describe in detail the contents of the website whether a person must pay to view the website and the approximate number of people per year that view the website.

The answer is no. Never have. Almost for certain never will.

What they may be fishing for is that while I lived in Richland I had a cam in my room which showed the table where I used my computer and part of the bed. Primarily this was for my wife and kids to check to see if I was awake before they called me at odd hours of the day or night.

I also used it for security as I had a gun safe and sometimes left the company laptop there and wanted to be able to see if my roommates (or anyone else) ever came into my room when I wasn’t there. I know the PNNL “investigators” repeatedly viewed that cam.

Other questions include the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all marital counselors Barb and I have ever visited.

On the other side of things it’s also clearly apparent they either deleted or withheld email that we requested in our interrogatories. Yeah it’s a crime, but it’s a lesser crime than the felonies they have already committed so you can understand their motives.

 These guys are “real pieces of work”. I’m looking forward to attending their sentencing hearings.


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