Quote of the day–Ry Jones

I’ll work to make the event so painful and expensive that nobody returns… I’ve already put out enough ideas about how to make a 1000 yard shoot hard; we’ll see how moderate they are when Joe rejects all of them.

Remember, Joe wanted a berm to shoot from, I wanted a trench full of mud. spectators would get paintball guns to distract the shooters. Joe’s no fun!

Ry Jones
May 9, 2007
You love me! You really love me!
[He forgot to mention that after Boomershoot 2006 he also suggested the entry fee be raised to $4000. And don’t forget that at Boomershoot 2007 it was his creation of the fireball target that resulted in flaming sticks falling from the sky. I love Ry’s ideas. I just don’t always implement them as originally proposed.–Joe]