1000 yard Monday

As Ry mentioned he pitched an idea to me today. For Boomershoot 2008 he suggested two things:

  1. We dispose of the farce known as “cleanup” where people shoot the “leftover” targets from 25 yards away. In actuality I hold back 150 to 200 targets just so people get a chance to do that. Instead we do that in a more formal manner on a different day and give people more targets especially for that.
  2. We do a 1000 yard event for the few, the arrogant, those that say the existing Boomershoot is too easy. Utilizing the existing targets, four and seven inches square boxes, we separate the “men from the boys” by separating the targets from the shooters by 1000 yards. We do this on a different day and perhaps a different location. It could be called 1000 yard Monday or some such thing.

I’m interested. It could work. And as Ry pointed out, it’s in keeping with my original intent for Boomershoot. I need to find 1000 yards that can handle five or ten shooters. And I need to confirm my potential new supplier of ammonium nitrate. We’ll be making and using more HE.


3 thoughts on “1000 yard Monday

  1. I’d probably skip the short range event, but would be interested in the 1000 yard shooting. If you held it on the Saturday before the main event, at a different venue (to avoid conflict with the clinic), I’d probably attend Gene’s clinic on Friday, shoot the 1000 on Saturday, and shoot the main event until early afternoon on Sunday, returning home that day.

  2. One hundred yards would require more careful aim than, say, 25, but shooting with a carbine at 25 should be practiced also, IMO– you can still miss at very close range. I was impressed this year by that fact that, though people standing behind us at the “cleanup” line later told us, we were totally unaware of the ejected cases hitting us, and unaware of the .50 caliber blast just off to our side (which normally would be downright awesome). All I can remember, and I remember it vividly, is the reticle, the trigger, and the targets, to the near total exclusion of everything else. It was a race to get each target. Good practice IMO, but I think I need to work on maintaining better situational awareness when there are explosions going off in close proximity.

    At 100 yards with good aim, a 100% hit rate should be achieved in theory, but there is the hurry-up factor, which would be interesting.

    1,000 yards? Then you’re saying I’d have a really good reason to get that custom, heavy magnum rifle I’ve been imagining.

  3. I’d suggest setting the short range to 50 yds (8 & 14 MOA targets) to make it a little more challenging. I like the current format of everyone shoots at everything, but if an extra fee was charged I’d expect most people to want designated targets.

    I would guess that unless the fee is fairly high there will be more than 10 people interested in 1000 yds – I know that I am.
    Would it be possible to just back up the firing line to the top of the hill? There would be more room there, plus the advantage of using the current target areas and proximity to the Taj.If that hill top is 300 yds behind the current firing line then the hillside would run 750-1000 yds.

    Having the 1000 yd on Monday would be good for me. I’d prefer that it be after the normal Boomershoot vs shooting 1000 yds Saturday, then shorter ranges Sunday.

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