No Surprises Here

Try firing a Lefty Prof for advocating socialist revolution, then sit back and listen to all the claims of violating civil rights, our precious academic freedoms being squashed, etc., etc..

Professor fired over class discussion of shootings.

This time however, you have a professor discussing a current event, with apparent overtones of support for the Bill of Rights.  So he gets fired (what “obscene epithet” was used is not made at all clear).

There’s no real news here, in that most of you would have accurately predicted the outcome.

My question is; How is this going to be turned around?

My answer is; As soon as we get government out of the education business (you think that if people had a choice in the matter, they’d choose to fund this sort of bilge?)

And yet there is no apparent movement in the direction of a free market in education.  Why?  Will anyone, when pressed, actually stand up and proclaim that they believe a socialist institution will outperform a free market– that a coercively funded, compulsory institution will find better and more efficient ways to serve the public than a free and unfettered marketplace defined by competition and choice?

Any takers on that one?  Hmmm?   Tell us how Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao had it all figured out, and how Jefferson, Washington and Franklin were a bunch of idiots!  Get it all off your chest!  This is your moment!  Stand up and make yourselves proud!  Include full details.

Update:  Yeah, I know.  It is defined as a Catholic Liberal Arts School.  Still–don’t tell me this sort of thing would be at all common in a free market.

They have a “Campus Preparedness Committee ” there.  One wonders what they do there for preparation.


2 thoughts on “No Surprises Here

  1. “They have a “Campus Preparedness Committee ” there. One wonders what they do there for preparation.”

    Practice dropping to their knees and praying.

  2. Winset talks back:

    Lots of lefties think the was a professor at VT. It’s no wonder, considering how the CNN article is written. (Will we see any street polls asking this question, like with the nationality of the 9/11 hijackers?)

    The CNN story is also missing the fact that not only was he fired, but he is also barred from stepping foot on the campus.


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