Quote of the day–Union Leader

You can say that one gun on campus is one too many. But it is and always will be impossible to prevent a determined person with ill intent from smuggling one (or more) onto campus. The best defense against such people is to increase the number of armed good guys so that there is always someone nearby able to respond.

Union Leader
April 18, 2007
Guns on campus: One is one too few


1 thought on “Quote of the day–Union Leader

  1. Those who drafted and ratified the U.S. Constitution understood all that with perfect clarity. More than 200 years later, we’re trying to figure it out as though it were a brand new, alien concept, just flown in from Alpha Centauri or something.

    What that says about the pathetic state of our education system I cannot put into words. There are none foul enough.

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