8 thoughts on “Xenia, not Xena Warrior Princess

  1. Can’t I be outstanding, too? 🙁 I read a book about how girls are praised for their looks, guys for their brains. BREAK THE CYCLE DAD.

  2. You are a lot of things Xenia. That includes outstanding. Just a small sample: I have been very impressed with your photography, your website, your acting, and your writing.

    In this particular instance I was agreeing with Darrell about your loveliness. And thinking about the singular daughter bothered me so I corrected that include my other daughter. And realizing I also have a son with some fine qualities I wanted to say something about him. Loveliness probably isn’t his greatest strength so I selected something else.

  3. Outstanding isn’t really a “brains” thing, he could be outstanding for any number of reasons unrelated to brains.

  4. When people think of Jamie, though, it’s usually “outstanding academics” that they think of.

  5. “Loveliness” need not be limited to apply to strictly one’s physical attractiveness. You can have a lovely mind, lovely skills, etc..

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