Quote of the day–Mark Philip Alger

A leftist idea can be recognized by three earmarks, It will be:

1) Founded in ignorance,
2) Focused on irrelevance,
3) Engaged in wishful thinking.

Mark Philip Alger
[Also found in the sidebar with the above:

4) “And threaten use of the coercive power of the state to extract compliance.”
–Arnold’s Corollary (ed.)

Yup, and the political right has it’s own set of faulty hypotheses (gay cooties for example) and follows up with the same number 4). This is why, in part, the U.S. Constitution only granted the government an enumerated set of powers. To protect the people against things the government has no business getting involved in. But virtually no one pays attention to the Constitution anymore.–Joe]


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  1. 5) Based on envy and/or hatred.

    I heard a caller on Dennis Miller this morning who, as he actually stated, was not making money while everyone around hum was making money. Therefore, the Iraq war was purely for the purpose of taking oil.

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