More gun owner harassment

From Albany New York:

Under the proposed law, gun owners would have to register with the city, even if they already have a valid gun permit. And dealers would be required to file a report every day with the chief of police, listing sales.

The measure would also outlaw the sale of higher caliber ammunition.

So what is it this is supposed to accomplish? Can they answer Just One Question before going forward with this? Of course not.

And can you imagine stink that would raised if a similar laws were proposed for some minority group other than gun owners?

Bigots. Nothing but bigotry can explain their beliefs and actions.


3 thoughts on “More gun owner harassment

  1. keep up the great work… and consider contacting a news source (TV/radio/newspaper), located in close vicinity to PNNL. just a quick phone call to their newsroom will do.

  2. oops. i meant to post the above comment under your PNNL update for today.

  3. And I’m sure the police department will just love handling all those daily sales reports, instead of, you know, catching bad guys. City crime-fighting policy: Turn every policeman into a full-time paper pusher.

    The message sent to the law abiding, tax paying public: Stay out of Albany.

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