Quick update on PNNL

In a way I’m relieved they took back the DVDs with all the data I was going through. It had been a gold mine of useful information but this weekend I can let the caffiene circulatory system revert back to blood and get some sleep. It was wonderful to refresh my memory on so many things and be much better prepared to ask questions but I really needed some rest. The battle over the DVDs will be fought by the lawyers and either way Battelle comes out looking like a bunch of clowns and/or jerks.

The depositions and even the close of discovery may be delayed because of this. It’s hard to imagine the fight over the DVDs will be over in time to keep on schedule. We’ll see…

Yesterday I was talking about the current state of things with one of my primary financial backers. He congratulated me on hiding my true intentions on this blog. He said early on he was concerned about me being able to do that but that he was completely sucked in by my disinformation campaign. Cool! But what was so hard about it?