One day in the life of Xenia

Xenia decided to participate in a Live Journal “A day in my life”. She chose last Saturday when we went to Portland. The results are here.

It was while we were there that I discovered one of our identical quadruplets is gone. We are down to just three now:

Since they kind of keep to themselves and are generally doing their own thing I hadn’t noticed until the Xenia that was with us posted the picture and I asked, “Where’s the other one?!!!!” Xenia immediately, and without any guilt whatsoever said, “We killed her.” Then she gave me “the look” which in this context meant, “So what do you think you are going to do about it?” She was right of course. As far as proof we can only prove the one. And which one is missing? And how do you know she is missing?

[heavy sigh]

Our little murderess also posted a bunch of picture of Voodoo donuts and other highlights of her spring break trip here.


2 thoughts on “One day in the life of Xenia

  1. is xenia going to college for photography? if not, i highly suggest it.

    or, at the bare minimum, graphic design.

    other alternative is for xenia to bypass formal college training and go right into a creative internship. i could connect her with a number of award-winning professioanl creative directors or photographers.

    she has raw talent. over the past few years, i’ve seen her skills expand greatly.

    pass along my kudos.

    -s2, fellow creative,
    formally trained (and renegade trained)

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