Powell’s and Voodoo

For Barb’s birthday she brought Xenia over to the Seattle area and we celebrated over here. Friday night we had dinner with James at Todai in Redmond where Barb got a free dinner. Xenia, Barb and I then drove to Vancouver (Washington) to spend the night before visiting Portland Oregon on Saturday.

We arrived at Powell’s Books shortly after they opened. Xenia and Barb wandered off into the main store and I headed over to the technical book store a couple blocks away. I didn’t expect to buy anything. I’ve been listening to all my books recently and just don’t have time to actually read anything. But it’s always fun to look. If I had just gone straight to the corner and set up camp with my computer like I had planned after doing a little bit of book browsing I would have been better off. As it was I looked at the books on explosives like I always do when I’m there. There were several books that I had not seen before. And they all looked so useful. I couldn’t resist and had to confess when I reported back to Barb and Xenia at lunch time. They dropped any hint of guilt over their baskets full of books and went back for more.

We then went to Voodoo Donuts (as recommended by Ry with this blog posting) for lunch. Yeah, I know, donuts for lunch. But it was Barb’s birthday weekend. The donuts were good and the location is, well… let just say it has lots of character.

We made it back to the Seattle area in time to stop by Fry’s and buy Xenia a laptop computer for her graduation present then take James and Xenia out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Redmond before retiring for the night. I was really crashing and James claimed it was because of all the donuts I had eaten earlier and he was not the least bit sympathetic.

Then this morning Barb and Xenia left to return to Moscow, Idaho. [heavy sigh] Tonight, again, I sleep alone…