Can he hear what he is saying?

Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t expect logical thinking from Jesse Jackson. But does he think nearly everyone will overlook the inconsistency?

This new right-wing judicial activism is yoked to the extreme right causes of the National Rifle Association, the anti-choice lobby and the corporate boardrooms. They are prepared to trample the laws enacted by democratically elected legislatures to implant their policies from the bench. The U.S. courts are now packed with these ideologues. And the decision last week shows that the civilizing advances of recent decades — in civil rights, gun control, workers’ rights, women’s rights — are now at risk from this marauding horde.

He is in favor of (some) civil rights, workers’ rights, and women’s rights, but not 2nd Amendment rights. And that is the only one of his enumerated set that is clearly and¬†explicitly guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. He’s got mental problems.


2 thoughts on “Can he hear what he is saying?

  1. Maybe “gun control” is a right. Of the state I suppose.

    You have the right to be disarmed.
    You have the right to be a sheep.

    And of course, liberals are willing to enforce this “right” of government with, ironically, government agents with guns.

  2. It is not that there is judicial activism that has Jessie all choked up– one could say that activism is the job of SCOTUS. The problem Jackson and other socialist activists have is that there are a few justices who are Pro-Constitution activists instead of being Anti-Constitution activists.

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