Quote of the day–Gun Guy

Guns don’t stop criminals any more than they stop crime.  All gun owners have a fantasy in their head that whenever they’re threatened with their firearm, they’ll heroically pull it out, shoot at exactly the right time, and save the day.  But reality just doesn’t follow that idea– firearms are much more of a threat to everyone around them then [sic] some kind of mythical protection against evil.

Gun Guy
Guns Don’t Stop Crime– They Attract It
Email March 5, 2007
[If “Gun Guy” was really correct then police departments and the military would have no use for firearms. I can only think of three reasonable explanations for what this guy says: 1) Mental problems; 2) He’s actually on our side and is mocking the anti-gun bigots; 3) He can’t get a real job and has to make up this kind of crap to make a living.–Joe]


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  1. He is with no presented evidence trying to avoid answering your:
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