PNNL not motivated

According to my calculations PNNL/Battelle was due to respond to our interrogatories last Saturday. My lawyer said Monday. Yesterday I asked if they had responded. I got the following response:

I gave them a 2-week extension.  Pretty standard courtesy.  I routinely ask for extensions myself.  (You are a high-end motivation client.)

I’m not surprised. In addition to being used to working on government contracts with (sarcasm alert) all the motivation that requires they know that I’m going to be turning over all the appropriate material to federal prosecutors. I’m sure it’s hard to work up much passion about delivering evidence which might earn you a honeymoon in prison with a new spouse who rents you out by the quarter hour to the person with the most cigarettes.

Hey guys, you can delay it by a few weeks but you aren’t going to be able to delay it past the statute of limitations. Bend over and take it like a man.


One thought on “PNNL not motivated

  1. Its frustrating, but thats a pretty standard delay. I’d doubt PNNL has anything to do with it, and it has more to do with their attorney’s schedule.

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