I think someone needs to be invited to Boomershoot

She definitely needs to get her terminology straight:

We went straight to their shooting range. Each of us shot a Colt-45 handgun at a target of cardboard with the outline of a person drawn on it. I was shaking when the man loaded the gun and placed it in my hand. I was so freaked out by the blast, that once was enough for me. But I was a one-shot wonder. I actually hit the target nearly dead-center.

Our shooting instructor told us they moved up to the 45 handguns because the 22s didn’t kill the terrorists fast enough.

Then two people in our group shot M-16s. It was unreal to not only be that close to those huge guns, but to hear them shot.

I could see a trip to Boomershoot 2007 being quite educational for her.


3 thoughts on “I think someone needs to be invited to Boomershoot

  1. I wonder if they explained to her that the Army had the .45 ACP developed because the .38’s weren’t powerful enough to knock down Philipino Moro rebels, either. She should appreciate the historical irony…

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