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Muslims in the Arab world have a saying, “First comes Saturday then come Sunday.” Every Muslim in the Middle East knows exactly what this means. This is their way of saying that first they’ll get the Jews who observe the Sabbath on Saturday and then they’ll get the Christians who’s Sabbath is Sunday.

Brigitte Gabriel
Chapter Eight
Because They Hate
[The first half of the book is about her experience as a teenager in Southern Lebanon during the civil war. Lots of emotional stuff. I enjoyed it but would have been reluctant to recommend it because it didn’t have much in the way of facts except for the details of her very limited view of the events around her. The next quarter of the book is very factual. Good stuff. It changed my mind about recommending it for people that are pro-Muslim and need their eyes opened. That last quarter of the book gets a bit “shrill”. She says that most Democrats should be tried for treason, we shouldn’t mind having our conversations listened to or being searched without a warrant, and is rather sarcastic about the ACLU. Yeah, most Democrat politicians (and a fair number of Republicans) should be in prison for treason but the political reality is they are above the law. And I disagree with her about giving up freedoms in the name of security. But if you are going to read just one book on our war against Muslim extremists this is the one I recommend. I think I’ve read seven different books that devote at least 25% of the content to this topic. This is the easiest to read and because of her very personal experience she makes the threat from the Muslims as undeniable and as frightening as the Holocaust.–Joe]


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  1. Pretty much the same …
    I received the book for Christmas and drudged through the first bit. I picked it up after a couple weeks and got interested again. It contained many facts I didn’t know about the Religion of Peace. Then I started shaking my head as she wanted to turn us into a line of naked airline passengers.

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