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It’s interesting to me how I’m so frequently associated with survivalists. Just because I’m into guns, explosives, and live in Idaho shouldn’t necessarily mean I  have anything to do with survivalists. Sure, I have a electric generator but it’s for Boomershoot. Sure I know a lot about growing both animals and plants for food. But that’s because I grew up on a farm. I even went hunting once. But I don’t consider myself even loosely associated with the survivalist crowd. Not that I think associating with them is something to be avoided. I just don’t think it’s accurate to make that link.

Over at Survival Blog part of my post on biofuels and farmers was picked up as the quote of the day.


5 thoughts on “I’m quote of the day

  1. I might be wrong Joe, but I suspect you are a survivalist in the practical sense, if not the stereotypical sense. I’d be willing to bet you are far more knowledable, organized, trained and prepared then the average sheeple.
    How would you fare if you got snowed in for a week?
    How about no electricity for a week?
    Stuck in a snowstorm between home and work?
    A Katrina type situation?

    The average sheeple would be in a panic situation within a day, and probably a life-threatening situation within 72hrs.
    I have a hunch any of those scenarios would be little more then a fun challenge for you.
    A survivalist is just someone who tries to be trained and prepared to take care of himself and his loved ones if something bad happens.
    The sheeple cower under the bed waiting for FEMA to save them.

  2. Okay. In that sense I’m a “survialist”. I have been snowed in for a week without electricity and had fun. It is one of my favorite memories of my childhood. Stuck in snow between home and work would be uncomfortable and boring but not life threatening. In a Katrina event I would leave when it was strongly suggested. We’d make it out without asking for help and our worst enemy would probably be boredom.

    My image of a survialist is more like having a home, or at least a retreat of some sort, that is self sufficent for essentially an indefinite period of time and capability both in personal, equipment, and skills to fend of roving gangs. Sort of like in Rawles book TEOTWAWKI (various versions also have names of The Gray Nineties , Triple Ought and Patriots). Information on it’s availability is here: http://www.rawles.to/patriots.htm.

    Never mind that I’m given credit in the book as “Huff the dynamite shooter” for supplying some suggestions.

  3. Whenever somebody starts talking to me about the gun(s) they have in their home for personal protection, I always ask if they have a fire extinguisher (or two) next to their bed.

  4. The fire department will be at my house in about 4 minutes. The police take a lot longer.

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