Boomershoot supplies

Yesterday I went to a local store to pick up the 800 surveyors stakes used to mount the targets and some powdered lime used for neutralizing acid in the soil. The acid in the soil causes the lead bullet to leach into the ground and water. I wandered around looking for the lime and finally asked. The guy found two broken bags spilling their contents in a back corner. He checked inventory in the computer and found a quantity of zero. I asked about the next shipment and was told I would have to talk to someone “up front”. As we walked into the main store he said I might be able to get the two broken bags cheap if I asked the guy up front. He introduced me and I explained the situation with the two broken bags. Instead of the usual $8 something a bag he offered me them for $2.00. I agreed if they could put them in a garbage bag or something so the contents wouldn’t spill. He agreed and asked if I needed anything else.

I told him I needed 800 surveyors stakes. He asked, “What are you going to do with that many stakes? You’re not surveying for a house.” I paused as I internally debated telling him it was for explosives or for a big vampire hunt. He said, “Maybe we don’t want to know…” I agreed, “Maybe not.” As he wrote up the ticket I pointed to the BOOMERSHOOT label on my jacket and told him, “I put on a shooting event called Boomershoot every year. We make explosives, put them in cardboard boxes, and put on the stakes. Then people from all over the country show up to shoot at them.” He stopped typing. “Really! I was a 8541 in the Marines. Where is this at?” I told him near Cavendish and he knew where it was at and said he would have to check it out. He started type again told me, “I’m going to give you those broken bags for free because I like you already.” He talked about the scopes he used in the military and asked what sort of guns people bring to Boomershoot. I told him lots of things up to and including .50 BMG. We talked about match ammo and the size and range of the targets. As he finished typing he told me, “I’m giving you a discount on the stakes too… unless you have a problem with that.” I told him the event was full but it’s fun to watch and we get spectators that drive from Seattle each year. He said he would definitely check it out and asked if there was a website. I gave him and a buddy and he were checking it out as I left to load up the stakes and lime.

I looked at the receipt later and realized I got the stakes for half the normal price.


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