Property ownership in a socialist society

“This is a display of anger and rage after more than seven years of struggle to keep what is ours.”

This (riots in Copenhagen) is what you get in a socialist society.

The building, which has been viewed as free public housing by young squatters since the 1980s, has become a popular cultural center for youngsters with anti-establishment and far-left sympathies.

The eviction had been planned since last year, when courts ordered the squatters to hand the building over to a Christian congregation that bought it six years ago.

The squatters refused to leave, saying the city had no right to sell the building, which has hosted concerts with performers like Australian Nick Cave and Icelandic singer Bjork. They have demanded another building for free as a replacement.

The problem is they have no sense of what constitutes ownership. They are like spoiled children screaming “Mine! Mine!”

Socialists and communists have a long history of these sort of riots. It’s how they get their way. For example, The National Socialist German Workers Party had numerous riots in their rise to power. Similar riots brought socialists to power throughout all of Western Europe.

The building was sold six years ago and the rightful owners have been unable to use their own property for that time. It’s long past time to send the brats to their “free” jail cell for a long “time-out”. Had the thugs of the Germany National Socialists immediately been thrown in jail millions of lives might have been saved.


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  1. “They have demanded another building for free as a replacement.”

    How about a stretch in jail as a replacement?

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