I would have never considered a rope

I did a little bit of roping with the cattle we had when I was growing up on the farm. And I’ve seen a lot of deer, some of which I have been close enough to rope, but it has never occurred to me to consider it. Perhaps I unconsciously knew that wasn’t a good idea. Or perhaps it was my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents that always gave a very simple, and what I always thought was cryptic rather than profound, answer to any suggestions of attempts to interact with non-domestic animals, “They’re wild animals.”

After reading this story and taking into accounts such as Deerslayer by Ray Stevens I’m thinking my most recent effort to reach out and touch a deer, with my .300 Winchester Magnum, is the most appropriate.


2 thoughts on “I would have never considered a rope

  1. And it was probably just a whitetail that he roped; can you imagine the beating he would have gotten if he had gotten hold of one of the big mulies out in this area?

  2. Oh good lord, my sides hurt like hell after reading that!

    I love it when townsfolk move to the country and actually make a real effort to be part of the community, rather than still be a townsfolk and complain about things down on the farm.

    But me thinks this fella was trying just a little too hard.

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