Quote of the day–Tony Pacheco

Two years ago I didn’t even know what a charging handle was. Today I am a NRA and JPFO member and train on a regular basis. I got the message loud and clear that I am responsible for my own safety. The Katrina webcams and blogs that skipped CNN beat me over the head with it.

Thus, my AWB glass right now is half-full. Let’s just do a Zumbo Roasting on Congress and call it a day.

Tony Pacheco
Friday, February 23, 2007 12:48 PM
In email sent to insightstraining AT yahoogroups.com
[We, as gun owners, can help with these conversions. Enable others to talk about guns by you talking about guns or displaying a target from your latest trip to the range. Enable others to make the change of state by offering to take them to the range and let them use your firearms.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Tony Pacheco

  1. A friend of mine that I introduced to shooting this summer just bought his first gun. He chose a Ruger GP-100 in stainless with a 4″ barrel for his purchase and is now in the throws of trying to decide what his next one will be. I’m an enabler.

  2. Tony’s a good guy – I’ve provided him with advice on purchases, and helped organize a “softie-only” defensive rifle course through Insights for a bunch of fairly new shooters. I’m pleased that many of them have become real enthusiasts – and Boomershooters as well.

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