The game was over before it started

It’s just putting more nails in a coffin that was glued, screwed shut, and then had rocks piled on it years ago but here is more evidence gun control has failed in the U.K.:

Although the Metropolitan Police seized 909 firearms and more than 16,000 rounds of ammunition last year, no one knows with certainty how many guns are on Britain’s streets. Only last Friday a wealthy businessman who controlled an international gun-smuggling operation from eastern Europe to London was jailed for 10 and a half years. Officers caught Gerald Smith, 47, handing over 18 converted Baikal pistols, 18 silencers and 748 rounds in north London last May. But such successes are relatively few.

Cressida Dick, the commander of Scotland Yard’s specialist crime directorate, pointed to the ease with which guns can be rented overnight as an issue. She warned that guns are being moved routinely around Britain: ‘We are seeing firearms being used in several different crimes and there are examples of different offenders using the same firearm across the UK.’

Yet they still think there is some debate to be made:

The spate of killings that began in broad daylight when 21-year-old Javorie Chrighton was stabbed to death at a bus stop a few minutes walk from where the meeting was held would, within days, lead to the current debate over whether Britain has lost its fight against gun control.

Inside the meeting hall at Peckham’s Learning and Business Centre last week, speaker after speaker painted a picture of a community’s misery since the murder of 10-year-old Damilola Taylor six years ago. There are new buildings, but little else seems to have changed.

Give it up guys. You lost. I know it’s tough to admit you were wrong, especially when we have been saying since day one that it wouldn’t work. But dealing with the embarrassment is not nearly as bad as dealing with all the innocent victims.


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  1. If they are normal Leftists they will very much prefer more innocent victims rather than admit they were wrong from the get go. DDT and malaria come to mind.

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