Equality Under the Law? Sure, I’ll Take it!

I thought that banks were required by federal law to have the Socialist Security numbers of all account holders.  It turns out not be true, apparently, for illegals.  I’ll choose to think of that as good news.  I’ll assume I can now open accounts all over the country, including credit card accounts, without my Socialist Security number or any other documentation of my true identity.  Cool.


1 thought on “Equality Under the Law? Sure, I’ll Take it!

  1. Actually, the way a bank manager explained it to me is that they don’t have to associate an SSN with an account, but…

    If it’s an interest-bearing account, they have to withhold the taxes and, since they don’t have an SSN to credit the taxes to, the holder of the account both loses the taxes and is also still liable for them.

    We need stricter banking secrecy laws.


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