Paranoid and PARANOID

Sometimes people ask me if maybe I’m a little paranoid with all the guns and training and concern about the loss of our constitutional guaranteed freedoms. I point out that the guarantee isn’t worth the paper it’s written on without a means of enforcement. Which is what the guns and training is about–a last ditch enforcement mechanism. I can see where someone could make a case that I’m being paranoid but I think I can make a pretty good case that there are politicians that really are out to, and have, destroy our freedoms.

But no matter how good a case you make against me it doesn’t compare to this type of stuff:

Huffman Aviation, a front for FBI Division 5 and British Intelligence, have hired two known assassins, Robert Cain and Joe Kelso to put together a team that will target outspoken American citizens.

Of course it gets worse. Huffman Aviation is a stooge company with financial links to Keathing 5 bank dick Senator John McCain and Hillary (noted Republican gay-in-the-closet) Clinton Rodenhurst. Cindy McCain has large financial interests in Huffman Aviation.

P.S. Current CIA operative Harvey Hemmett has testified to Congressional investigations that he was part of the government team along with Israeli Mossad who trained Mohamed Atta at the Venice, Florida flight school…

Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu, who is not even an official member of the Israeli government, is blackmailing Bushfraud vis a vis using Bush’s homosexual sex and financial fraud, election fraud, criminal fraud, telling Bush either you do this in Iraq and Iran or else.

Sandy Berger not only took NATO nuclear codes but he was involved with a Mossad team in Thailand transferring nuclear triggers and other sensitive nuclear information on NATO with the help of Adnan Khashoggi disguising these uranium and nuclear materials as textiles sending through China to Israel. Treason of the highest proportion.

Financing Sandy Berger was Marc Rich, the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate fixer.

Attorney General Gonzales is covering all of this up for the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate.

It was then Vice President Al Gore, Jr. who tried to have Marc Rich arrested in 1993 and was prevented from doing so by the Israeli Mossad and the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate that then dumped Vince Foster in the park that was working with Ambassador Leo Wanta, former FBI Director William Sessions and General Vernon Walters.

Bush plans to use Azerbaijan air bases to attack Iran possibly as early as this Wednesday…

I think someone forgot to take their meds.


3 thoughts on “Paranoid and PARANOID

  1. You’re not paranoid if they are in fact out to get you, and there are in fact always people out to ruin your freedom.

    Now the stuff you quote from indymedia appears delusional, but I submit that it may not, technically speaking, represent actual paranoia– it depends on whether the person touting it believes it or not. It may be just stupid, clumsily crafted lies designed to induce paranoia in others.

    A good close-to-home example would be the propagation on the part of the Democrat party leadership of the mantra, “Bush-lied-people-died”. You could suggest on one hand that the Dem leadership is delusional, and therefore paranoid, but I would argue that they’re simply making the calculation that their more extreme and ignorant voting block is going to lap it up like a dog drinking antifreeze off the garage floor (it tastes sweet but causes brain damage) resulting in a better turnout for the Dems at election time.

  2. “I think someone forgot to take their meds.”

    You’re just saying that to try and distract us from the fact that it’s *Huffman* Aviation!



  3. Well… There is sort of a connection. It was because of an active Google news search that I happened to notice the article. Other than that there is no connection that I know of.

    Also, just because we are on the subject and someone asked me about it last week, as far as I know I’m no relation to the individual that invented Huffman encoding.

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