Boomershoot good news and bad news

First the bad news. I received an email today from the guy that keeps trying to put his anvil into orbit at Boomershoot. He signed up early and was planning to attend and just discovered he won’t be able to make it.

The good news is that he is sending someone else in his place who is bringing the anvils.

One more bit of news is that I’ve ordered the portable toilets. I ordered three of them this time since the attendance is going to be the largest ever. And in keeping with the theme of the .50 caliber area being called “The Ghetto” I told Terry to put one of the toilets in the ghetto area. That’s right, we will have segregated toilets this year–separate and unequal.

[People in The Ghetto will have a better people to toilet ratio than those in the main area and there will be no enforcement of the segregation.]

Update: I’ve been sent a picture from Boomershoot 2007 that shows we had three toilets last year.

There are three signs that you are getting old. The first one is you start losing your memory. I don’t remember the other two.

Thanks Bruce, Da Squirrel Hunter. In addition to the late night pictures of outhouses you point out that I’m losing my memory.