Another motive for gun control

It’s an excuse to party. Or at least that is what Robert Sandler suggests as he comments about the Mayor’s conference on combating “illegal guns”:

The mayor noted the additional “problems” more police would bring to the city. More police, for instance, would mean more arrests for an already grievously overcrowded prison system. This is already burdening the city with costs it can’t afford in addition to more court costs for prosecuting the criminals.
Which means the mayor is not against crime or criminals. He does not want a safer city. He wants to save money. The easy way to do that is with another gun law– which he will not enforce.
Or perhaps, it’s something completely different. An Anti-gun Summit is a good excuse to get away from doing the jobs the 140 mayors were hired to do–and party!

It’s sounds as plausible as anything else to me. It’s certainly not about making people safer.