This is what happens with victimless crimes

Via Say Uncle we get this bit of ATF humor. Here is a teaser:

It has come to our attention that an opposable thumb commonly located on a person’s hand can be used in conjunction with a semi-automatic firearm, when placed in a belt loop, can cause said semi-automatic firearm to fire at a higher rate of fire than we originally intended for it to be allowed to fire at.

What happened here was that once machine guns were heavily restricted the ATF had to define what a machine gun was. Human creative being what it is the freedom loving “gun nuts” kept coming up with inventions that bypassed the definitions the ATF came up with. Just recently the ATF went almost absurd in their definition and some smart-ass took it to the logical conclusion. I actually have some sympathy for the ATF in this case. They didn’t write the law they are just trying to make sense of it and give us definitions they can enforce to. It’s the bigoted politicians that are at fault. Even if all the existing ATF people people did the right thing (most of them should find legitimate jobs) there would be others more than willing to take their place. We need to destroy them at their root–the politicians that encourage them by giving them laws, money, and guns.

It’s fairly easy to define a crime when there is a victim. It can be done in terms of the actual injury. Was there more than $1000 of property stolen? Was the victim permanently injured? But try and define an “assault weapon” or a machine gun, prostitution, or recreational drugs (enumeration is possible but creative chemists come up with things not on the list) and they run into problems.

Laughter and humiliation may be the best weapon we have against these anti-gun bigoted politicians and their hired thugs. Let ’em have it with both barrels.


2 thoughts on “This is what happens with victimless crimes

  1. So, according to SayUncle’s artical and yourself, I should cut off my thumb, mailing it in, and them fill all necassary forms,procedures, and interviews. I better get a sharp knife and bucket of ice. You are completly right, this agency needs to go away , with the sooner the better prefered.

  2. The FDR legacy need to be first understood, then eliminated systematically, until nothing remains of it. We are paying a very high price for that unfortunate period in our history, and our children will pay a higher price.

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