Quote of the day–Xenia Huffman-Scott

I’m not procrastinating, I still have 25 minutes.

Xenia Huffman-Scott
[Xenia was working on a Government worksheet before school that she thought was due the next period that had a question about Microsoft lawsuits. A friend of mine testified in one of the lawsuits and she was hoping I could give her a quick brain dump and she’d be, essentially, done. She was wrong. She had all of winter break to work on it and I told her to go do her own research as best she could with the available time. It turned out the assignment wasn’t due until the next day but it would have served her right if had been just 25 minutes and she wasted two of those minutes talking to me.–Joe]


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  1. Oh, that reminds me. For all those concerned:

    The first annual Procrastinator’s Club meeting, which was scheduled for December 29th 2006, has been postponed until further notice.

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