PNNL/Battelle has been served

I received an email from my lawyer today about my lawsuit against Pacific Northwest National Laboratory:

We do have service on Battelle. It was served on 1/22/07.

Whoo hooo!! Full speed ahead!

Of course that is in “legal time” rather than in “Internet time” like what I’m used to.

I also received a phone call yesterday from someone that heard about my case. They had lots of interesting information about other illegal activities Battelle has been involved with. He is sufficiently upset about it that he is taking it up with some government officials. I shared what I could with him. I’m not sure his information will be that useful to me but I hope to soon be posting some of it here or on my website. He claims some pretty egregious and illegal stuff.

It’s not too surprising I guess. I did have a guy at the lab tell me and another fairly new employee, “See this badge? This means the law doesn’t apply to us.” That same “fairly new employee” recently sent me email saying, “I can definitely atest to a pattern of illegal and unethical activities at the lab” and “I do think it is my obligation as a citizen to see justice prevail.”

The guy I received a phone call from had first called over two weeks ago. I put him in touch with “fairly new employee” and that contributed to the update yesterday about his plans to talk to the GAO, Congressional oversight committees, and the DOJ in the near future.

I have some hints that my previous plans to avoid getting former co-workers involved may not be possible. Now might be a good time for some of my friends that still work there to get new jobs (hint, hint). Things will be much more comfortable for them if they don’t have to worry about getting fired for reporting information that is embarrassing to Battelle after being deposed. Also I’ve been hearing rumors of business being a little tight for them right now. If certain government agencies become displeased with all the illegal activities Battelle has been engaged in then business could get much worse soon.