2LT Mark Daily: Why He Joined

I found it posted on Michelle Malkin’s blog:

Trust me– you’ll want to read the whole thing.  You might also want to print it and hang it on your wall, framed, next to the Bill of Rights (you do have a copy, don’t you?).  Though the term is over-used, I will say that this man was in fact a “Real American”.  The kind of American that made America in the first place.

This man was more articulate at the age of 23 than I am at 48.  His parents, teachers, and home-town folk must be some pretty great people.  Now excuse me, I can’t type anymore.


1 thought on “2LT Mark Daily: Why He Joined

  1. As a close friend of Mark’s, he would have been so incredibly proud that his writing has been spreading throughout the world. He truly lived his life with this same passion and intensity, and he will continue to be remembered for that. Thank you for recognizing his sacrifices.

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