Quote of the day–Robert F. Williams

The struggles of the Freedom Riders and the Sit-In Movements have concentrated on a single goal: the right to eat at a lunch counter, the right to sit anywhere on a bus. These are important rights because their denial is a direct personal assault on a Negro’s dignity. It is important for the racists to to maintain these peripheral forms of segregation. They establish an atmosphere that supports a system. By debasing and demoralizing the black man in small personal matters, the system eats away the sense of dignity and pride which are necessary to challenge a racist system.

Robert F. Williams
Page 38; Negroes With Guns
[Compare this to the rights of gun owners and the indignities of having to be fingerprinted and licensed to exercise a fundamental, Constitutionally guaranteed right. Or the restrictions on us within 1000 feet of a school. Or the abuse we have to deal with if caught with a gun while driving through New Jersey, Washington D.C. or Chicago, even though we are theoretically protected by the Gun Owners Protection Act of 1986. Even that we if are allowed to exercise our right we must keep it concealed if we are to do it in public. What we are fighting for shares some remarkable parallels with the civil rights battles others have fought. I think there is a lot to be learned from them.–Joe]