Quote of the day–Carol Solnom

I hate guns. In today’s society there is no need for the average citizen to own or carry a gun except to protect yourself from those who do carry guns and intend to use them in a crime. Oh, wait! I just contradicted myself. No. I just pointed out the vicious circle created by gun advocates. They say, “Guns don’t kill, people kill.” I’d say you’re correct. But the government and law enforcement have done a lousy job of keeping guns out of the hands of those who kill, and longer jail sentences are not the answer because that occurs after a crime has been committed.

Tighter gun control? I’ll go so far as to say ban guns. That’s the only way.

Carol Solnom
There’s no need for most to carry a gun
January 9, 2007
The Enquirer
[ Putting prostitutes in jail after they commit the crime is not the answer. We need to put chastity belts on all women except when under strict police supervision.

At least Ms. Solnom admits her hate. Such an admission is the first step to recovery.

Banning guns didn’t make people in the U.K., Canada, or Australia safer. It didn’t make people in Washington D.C. or Chicago safer. I have Just One Question for Ms. Solnom.–Joe]


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  1. She almost has it figured out but her ” religion ” won’t let her put the pieces together. I don’t know whether to laugh at her or cry. For the clueless people – IT AIN’T THE GUNS!

    Seems to be some fun in your neck of the woods. My friend in Twin Falls saw the article that has Seattle and King County blaming the lax gun laws in Idaho for the school shooting and other acts of violence in WA. I hope your legislature tells them where to step off at…

    Joe R.

  2. “In today’s society there is no need for the average citizen to own or carry a gun except to protect yourself from those who do carry guns…”

    What about criminals who; Carry knives? Baseball bats? Strangle people with their bare hands? Hmm?

    A standard rhetorical device used by the Left is to insist that human nature, in this enlightened age, has somehow morphed into something new and different, as if we’ve become a new species. By that logic, I guess we could assume all Rights mentioned in the Constitution to be equally outdated. We use computers and the internet now after all, instead of quill pens and parchment, etc.. Surely the slave-owning dead guys who wrote the Constitution could not possibly have imagined or accounted for that kind of “speech” as being available to the Common Man.

    Hey Carol Solnom, My sister and her 2 year-old niece were murdered by an idiot who broke into their home, stabbed the mother to death with a kitchen knife, then strangled the two year-old with a shoestring to keep her from talking. Maybe if my sister hadn’t been a Leftist dupe like you (a product of the hippie generation) she would have owned a gun, and she and her daughter would be alive today. But I suppose you’d prefer they die so as to serve your cheap, socialist political day-dreams.

    What say you to that? You want to ban shoestrings, I suppose?

    I once thought exactly like you, but then I grew up– this isn’t jr high school anymore.

  3. I’m terribly sorry about your sister, Lyle.
    That’s one of the reasons I invite almost anyone I meet to go shooting. And especially females (of all ages, sizes, and color for those of you with the wrong idea).

    If my getting someone to buy a firearm saves just one life, or protects liberty and the nation, it’ll be worth it.

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