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I had contact with a couple people yesterday about certain “legal problems” Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has. The first person told me they had in their possession a message that, in part, said, “I hope they don’t subpoena this.”

The other person told me:

I can definitely atest to a pattern of illegal and unethical activities at the lab. It’s my firm belief that their practices are also detrimental to national security.

There are so many illegal things happening, I’m not sure where to start.

I do think it is my obligation as a citizen to see justice prevail.

This is so funny to me. It’s going to be fun fighting this battle. I’m reminded of a Winston Churchill quote:

I like a man who grins when he fights.

I wonder if the PNNL felons and their lawyers will like me as I grin during this fight.


3 thoughts on “Funny stuff

  1. I’ve been meaning to say, you seem to be having way too much fun with this battle — unusual in lawsuits to say the least. Doesn’t bode well for the other side, I should think.

    Excellent publicity over the last few weeks, BTW!

  2. I HAVE been having fun! There is tremendous potential for us here. I’m thrilled to be in a position to make a difference.

    They are going to find out there are a lot of unusual things about this case. Read the last paragraph of this story:

  3. Another issue is that of Left-leaning bigots who can’t control themselves having access to information that has sensitive National Security implications. If they go bananas over your blog or your business, if they are so careless as to leave their on-line activities so blatantly transparent, and if they are so comfortable with fabricating excuses for firing you, one has to wonder if they are reliable enough for the job (to put it very politely). If they’re willing to sack a qualified and productive worker (who has glowing performance reviews) over something so petty, what else might they be capable of doing as a result of the next emotional urge?

    Half-hearted Americans do not belong in such a position.

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