Quote of the day–Joe Waldron

The lead-in to today’s Seattle P-I story about the future of proposed gun control laws in Olympia sounds good for gun rights advocates. But is it?

The true intent of the P-I is to build pressure on legislators to pass gun control legislation during the upcoming session DESPITE the fact that none of the proposals would have prevents Wednesday’s shooting at Foss High School or earlier high visibility shootings in King and Pierce counties.

We can expect to see more news articles and editorials in the coming weeks calling for passage of Seattle Mayor Nickels’ “reasonable gun control” agenda, an agenda that was first announced last May and was broadcast again the same day of the Foss HS shooting. Of course the interesting this is that while the mayor’s four point program has nothing to do with recent shooting incidents, it is identical to Washington Ceasefire’s gun control agenda.

Joe Waldron
GOAL Alert 1-2007 5 January 2007
[Mayor Nickels is aligning himself with the equivalent of the KKK and should be held accountable for this.–Joe]