Free ads

Say Uncle says:

That said, the NRA should use the internet more effectively. It’s good to see that Wayne LaPierre has a blog. There is a very active gun-blogging community and the NRA should openly support those folks. Link to good blog articles from your news page, mention us in your magazine articles, offer discounted membership in NRA through our websites, and other things. Hell, I’ll even give you guys free ads.

I’m up for the free ads too. And not just for the NRA and NRA-ILA. I’ll give free ads to the CCRKA, Firearms Coalition, GOA, JPFO, Mothers Arms, SAF, Second Amendment Sisters, and probably several others I forgot about or didn’t know about.

Click on “Advertise here” to create the ad and then send me an email to get a code that will give you the free ad.