Quote of the day–Richard Daley

Every time we seize an illegal gun, we reduce the probability that someone will be killed, injured or unfortunately robbed at gunpoint.

Mayor Richard Daley
Daley: Democratic control could lead to stricter gun laws
January 4, 2007

Northwest Herald
[I am nearly certain Mayor Daley doesn’t have a clue about probability or statistics. If he did then he would know his statement is false and that would make him a liar. Of course being a politician is frequently synonymous with being a liar so I have to acknowledge the possibility that Daley does know something about probability and/or statistics. Furthermore he can’t even make sense in a prepared sound-bite. The guns he and his goons are seizing aren’t illegal. It’s the possession of those guns by certain classes of people that is illegal under Chicago law. Never mind those particular Chicago laws are illegal. The article in which he was quoted was about Daley’s desire to make possession of even more guns illegal. His statistical basis for this objective was not addressed and for a good reason–it would not support his desires. Because of this one has to wonder what his real objective is. Daley needs to answer Just One Question.–Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Richard Daley

  1. Every time we deprive a peaceable citizen of the inherent right to self defense, we reduce the probability that a rapist, robber or murderer can be stopped at gunpoint.

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  3. This attitude on the part of Chicago’s mayor was the deciding factor for us when the opportunity arose for us to move out of Chicago.

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