Wow! What is their definition of moral?

Of all the people to be given the death penalty there probably aren’t more than a few dozen in the last hundred years that were more clearly deserving than Saddam Hussein. Not only as punishment for his crimes but to prevent him from ever coming to power again. As long as he was alive their was the risk that he would be free and restored to power and take an incredibly bloody revenge.

Yet according to this report our European “allies” condemned the execution:

The United Nations, the Vatican and Washington’s European allies all condemned Saddam’s execution on moral grounds.

In my view the United Nations has no moral ground to stand on and should just shut their mouth and hide in the corner like they usually do. Or shall we talk about the sex scandals and/or allowing the genocides in Rwanda and the Darfur region of Sudan?

I’ll give the Vatican a pass–partly because it’s the Christmas season.

The Europeans are going to be learning their own lessons soon enough. The Islamic extremists who are taking over their don’t have any qualms about executions and the “moral objections” of the Europeans to them being given the option to convert or die will probably result in some of their positions on morality being revised.