Just another day at the range

With machine guns and flame throwers.

All perfectly legal and a good time was had by everyone. Except maybe the anti-freedom bigots reading about it at home.

Via Kevin.

One of the ways the anti-freedom people make progress is by asserting people like us are extremists, dangerous, and a “threat to society”. While in fact just the opposite is true. Even if you don’t want to take the time to assert (and/or prove) the anti-freedom bigots are a threat to society you can easily demonstrate the gun nuts (like me, Kevin, and his friends) are just ordinary people, are not extremists, and are only a threat to a tyrannical government. People, in general, want to be “in the middle” and “moderate”. By pushing the envelope in the freedom direction you make it easier for the “moderates” to be further from the anti-freedom bigots.

Do your part and don’t hide in the closet about it.