Quote of the day–Lyle Keeney

Did you ever notice the things we do and consider worthless we call “academic”?

Lyle Keeney
December 29, 2006
[There was no need to make mention of Lyle’s opinion on the quality of our education system. Also of interest while I was visiting UltiMAK yesterday was clutter on his office floor (see below). I wish my employer would let me have that type of clutter around. Not that I would do it, because I’m generally a little neater than that, but it would nice to have the option without being considered a threat to society.–Joe]


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  1. For the curious: The guns on the floor are, from left to right; A Mini-14 with Choate folder and M4-B forward optic mount, Saiga-12 fixed sight model, Saiga-12 with adjustable rib, Saiga-12 with prototype forward optic mount, Romanian AK test mule. There’s an RPK barrel at upper right. The Saigas all have their side rails facing up for a reason– we’re thinking of putting that old concept to some new uses, and we’ve been playing with them. Various and sundry Tools of Fun and Goodness reside in the cases, in the desk drawers, in pockets, etc..

    Joe, you have displayed my messy office to the public. As a clean office is the sign of a blank mind, obviously I have a lot on my mind…

    Speaking of academics: My son informs me that my web site has been blocked from his school’s network. The reason being that it is not “educational”. There is plenty of information on my web site– articles, instructions, etc., so I can only conclude that the school administrators consider “educational” only that which fits with their leftist social/political agenda. Hence, that public school’s computer network is “Academic”, i.e. largely irrelevant or or useless. Oh, and we pay extra for that feature.

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