Christmas loot

Christmas 2006 for Joe

Notice the toothbrush in the lower left corner from Barb? That is to counteract all the candy and jam on the entire left side of the picture from all her other relatives.

James got me me the blanket underneath everything that supposedly says “blanket” in binary ASCII but I haven’t verified it yet. James also got me Obsession–The Movie and America: Freedom to Facism

I’m looking forward to testing out the Roomba from Barb. It’s charging now.

I got lots of new music from Barb to keep me entertained on my trips to and from Seattle. Although I’ll probably have just as much fun fantasizing about my future interactions with the felony bigots at PNNL on my long drives. The lawsuit being served is probably my favorite gift–even though I paid for it myself.

I’ve been told the new Battlestar Galactica series I got from Barb is better than the original one. James and I will be watching that in the evenings in Seattle just as soon as we finish off the Enterprise series.

I got all six of the flashlights from our daughter Kim and her fiancée Caleb. The LED one with the crank generator in the top right corner of the picture gets my vote for the best one.

The Boris Vallejo calendar was no surprise but then Barb has been getting one of those every year for nearly thirty years now. No reason to stop anytime soon.

The mug and the plate were hand glazed by Sara and Xenia respectively. That’s an image of Enterprise on a star background on the mug.

Xenia has some pictures of the other pottery stuff she did for Christmas including a better picture of the Boomershoot plate.


4 thoughts on “Christmas loot

  1. Battlestar Galactica rocks! Did you get the miniseries, or just the regular seasons?

    Boris Vallejo is a Frank Frazetta ripoff. 😛

  2. It’s not always about the guns!

    The new Battlestar Galactica has it’s flaws but overall it’s been a very good series. I’ve enjoyed it a great deal, Enterprise–not so much.

    I also enjoy Boris Vallejo’s work, below is a list of some other artists who’s work I like that’ve done somewhat similar work (not all are strictly sword & sorcery fantasy).

    If you like Vallejo’s art you’ll probably find something by these people that you’ll like.

    Chris Achilleos: (remember the Tarna picture from the heavy metal poster?)

    Clyde Caldwell
    Jeff Easley
    Larry Elmore
    Fastner and Larson
    Frank Frazetta
    Tim Hildebrandt
    Julie Bell (Boris’ wife)
    Ken Kelly
    Masamune Shirow: for some Japanese flavor.
    Rodney Matthews
    Keith Parkinson
    Rowena Morrill
    Luis Royo

    Happy New Year
    (and good luck with the litigation!)

  3. Stop watching Enterprise and get started with Galactica. It does, in fact, rock.

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