2 thoughts on “It’s like a book burning

  1. This is comparable in stupidity, though far less costly in monetary terms, to the big torching of poached ivory one of the African dictatorships carried out about 15 years ago as part of their campaign against poaching.
    They could have sold the guns to an exporter to the US and gotten some good out of the deal, but Noooo

  2. Anything for a good photo op. I’m sure that got more attention for them (hungry for it as they obviously are) than a nice sale of, what, about half a million crisp American dollars?

    It could be seen as a good thing for the American gun manufacturers. They just took a large amount of potential competition off the market. Thank you, Estonian idiots!

    I though the Estonians were going to want a free country after the Soviets’ decline. It seems I may have been wrong.

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