No! (to being in Seattle without electricity)

The power flickered many times with the first record in my uninterruptable power supply logs at about 17:00 yesterday. There were numerous 10 and 20 second outages until it went out for the night about 22:30. For James it was very early this morning. Work was closed and although I could have kept our computers up it just wasn’t worth the effort. We drove back to Idaho today to wait for the power to be restored to the Seattle area.

The snow on the pass and all the way to just a few miles west of Vantage wasn’t bad but it was coming down pretty good so we were glad to make it across when we did. The worst part was making it through all the traffic on the Eastside of Lake Washington. With no power all the traffic lights were 4-way stops.

Ry reports in and is doing fine.

Phil at Random Nuclear Strikes hasn’t said anything but I’m sure he is doing well unless he suffered a direct hit from a tree.

Mr. Completely has several reports and seems to be doing well:

James and I took a few pictures and I’ll put something up later. I need to make supper before Barb gets home from work.


3 thoughts on “No! (to being in Seattle without electricity)

  1. Our power is now back on, and the power outage for us was mostly just a big annoyance as I couldn’t get any work done, but it was good as I got a chance to test out a lot of emergency equipment to see what was ready and what wasn’t. I think the first purchase will be a good line conditioner to put between the generator and the UPS/Surge Supressor, so I can keep all computers running safely. Any recommendations?

    ….. Mr. C. & KeeWee

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